A new category…

Update: I no longer hold these views, but people change, and the only way to know if its for the better or worse is by having a reminder of the person you used to be.

Pre. S. I believe this phase was a cross between nihilism and anti-humanism. The latter could’ve turned me vegan but the former made me not care.

Why don’t I just get to the point? Today, I’m here to tell you about a new category of people. They are people, nice people, that want to have nothing to do with the set of laws created by mankind. I’m one of them. It’s, of course, not going to be easy for me to do so. This is a completely new set of philosophies – a psychological breakthrough.

One question. Why post it here and not publish it into peer-reviewed psychology journal?

Ah! See, I’m pretty sure I’m one of a kind (as far as I can say because I do not have the resouces to go searching for another me). Secondly, while the scientific community despises the use of an argumentum ab auctoritate, I’m certain that the absence of a licence, for a psychology practice, will come back to peck me in the nuts. Then again, there is always a danger I’d end up in an asylum if my ideas are not made clear enough. So, there has to be a permanent place where the foundational document, of my life’s biggest achievement, is made accessible. I hope more people like me do exist and find their way to whatever I’ve written here on. There’s a part of me who wishes I were the only one, but with nearly 7 billion people on the world, I’d be glad if statistics is not on my side.

First things first. Let it be known that I’ve had a wonderful childhood and have always had more than I could ask for. I’ve had no adversities, so to assume such at any point would be wrong. It is possible that my impressively comfortable life has allowed me to allocate more of my time and resources into expanding my mind. I’ve honed my thought processes, and through it arrived at my current position. I’ve reached a new state of enlightenment. It could’ve literally happened to anybody.

In part, my constant thirst, for thinking outside the box, has turned me into a sociopath, although it would me more accurate to describe me as sociopath adjacent. I strive to emulate the absence of a conscience to keep myself objective. Over the years, I’ve begun forgetting what my inner guide sounds like. I am quite aware of what the general population considers right or wrong but I’ve grown past that. A majority consensus no longer influences my decision making. I just don’t live by those rules anymore. In fact, I think… nay, I believe… nay, I know that humanity has been half-assing its way through life using intensely nonsensical ideas from their ascendants as guidelines to “greatness”.

If I’m ever instructed to act a certain way, the first thing I do is ask questions. A lot of questions. I like to get things right; I like to impress. But the impressing should never come at a price. I’ll never blindly accept anything, as being right or wrong, unless it is explained to me and properly justified. To me, there doesn’t exist a perfect document that enlists all rights and wrongs objectively. To me, an atrocity committed against a hardened criminal is equal to that committed against a saintly innocent – the criminal doesn’t “deserve it”; no one deserves it.

I’ve, at times, attempted opening the minds of people around me to this kind of thinking. It appears that their minds shut even further; of course, that could just be an observation bias. The range of reactions I’ve got are as distinct as the people themselves. Some say, ‘What’s done is done.’, ‘How can you alone change how people think?’, ‘The world is pretty fine already.’, and those are the most optimistic replies. Some would say that my very process of extensive thinking before conclusion borders on to inhuman behaviour.

I’ve found myself asking questions about humanity – the concept of being human – very often. What is human? Is it really a thing? Isn’t it simply a distraction to keep ourselves from asking the real important questions? Isn’t humanity just a compendium of ancestral concepts confabulated over millenia? Does “humanity” make any difference to the universe, or our perception of it, in the slightest sense? What makes one human? Is it free will? Is it personal ideology? Principles? Morality?

NOTHING! There is no such thing as human. It is all in your head, and surprisingly the same thing is in the heads of everyone else around you. It’s just an idea passed on to you, for no adequately justified reason, that you will pass on to your children, again for no adequate reason. I know it is wrong to kill, but has anyone stopped to think why it is so? What exactly makes murder wrong? Did god ask you not to do it? Really?!

What gives anyone, including god, the authority to decide what is good or bad, right or wrong, evil or not? What is it that has made us so incapable to use our own intuition in determining right and wrong? Did we really need a book of moral guidelines? Among the multitude of fictional literature available all over the world, why is it that people choose to base their life around religion and whatever it teaches?

Has anyone ever taken the time to actually read their scriptures? Gods in these books never fully comply with the “morality” of the people following it. There is Christianity where god has personally killed and commanded the murder of so many people, in the span of under four thousand years, it would put a genuinely misguided psychopath serial killer to shame. There is Hinduism, with too many gods to keep a track of (because selfish praying is a pastime in the religion); it’s a religion filled with goofs, where god is said to be present in every single particle in the universe and yet Shiva, the destroyer, chopped off the head of his own son. Gods in Hinduism were drivers of wars that took many innocent lives (Luckily, their scriptures are false. Thank God, right?!). There is the-one-with-the-polygamous-pedophile-prophet, where describing it as such would get them all at my throat. There is Scientology – we’re all exiled aliens, enough said. There’s Mormonism – the one with god’s approved magic underwear. There’s {Add your own here; lots of material available online}.

See, none of these religions are truly moral. Morality, as I put it, is knowing not to do unto others what you wouldn’t want others to do to you. Simple definition, isn’t it? This is the one and only rule I follow obligatorily. Everything else comes out of necessity. I do want to live, so I’d not kill. I’d do everything, an average homo sapien would, to avoid being executed. Think of me as a robot, that has learnt only to take care of myself. Oh! That is a violation of Asimov’s laws? See if I care? While some have decided to take for granted that robots are governed by human laws, I choose to think differently by design.

So, what does that mean? Must you be worried about the existence of people like me? For all you know, I could just turn on humanity – the collective noun – and destroy you all. I’ve removed the unnecessary feelings of guilt and remorse. Shouldn’t I be captured and caged? Am I an abomination of nature? Wait?! Are you unfamiliar with our politicians? Am I so much worse than them?

In this series of questions, assertions and exclamations, if I have not made myself clear, let me simplify it all in a statement. As an atheist doesn’t believe in god, I, in addition, don’t believe in humanity.

When I try familiarising my friends with my “ideologies”, I wouldn’t be able to do any more than make them laugh. Saying that I’m being serious makes it even worse. All in good fun until some lunatic compared me to horrible characters – cannibals, pedophiles, and sex-offenders of a wide range of genres; at least one of those involves literally eating people. To them I say, the arguement is the same as with atheism – when I say I don’t believe in god, that is it. It should never be inferred that I hate god, eat babies, or that I’m a Satan worshipper.

At this point, I can only suggest you to set aside the belief that shapes your life for a while, and put yourself in my place. It is the most natural you could get.

All I ask of you, dear reader, is to take some time to read and reread. Let it sink in. Discard it if you may. Just know that, I’m not an anticonformist. By being me, I’m being more human than any human.

Do leave me some comments. I need to know what people really think about this. Do not hesitate to ask about my insights on anything, anything at all. Ask for help and you might receive…